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– Bonnie H.

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This is a note of thanks and appreciation for your company. We had to replace our water heater in August. I was not happy with how this new one worked. The water did not stay hot very long. You came out once and adjusted the temperature. That did not fix the problem. You came out on Tuesday. There was nothing apparently wrong, but the worker called the boss to see what he should do. I was beginning to think that maybe that is the way new water heaters were supposed to work. The boss told the worker to take it apart, which he did. He found that the hot and cold were switched around (I’m not sure of the technicalities of it) and the worker who installed it had made a mistake. Since then, our water heater works great. The problem was solved and I want to thank your company for not giving up. I will definitely patronize Mayers again and will recommend it.

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